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EyeGuide is a simple, non-intrusive eye test to give players and parents peace of mind that they can continue to play contact sports while promoting brain health.

In just 10 seconds the EyeGuide test can baseline your brain health and then, if a head knock occurs, EyeGuide can be used in conjunction with the Sports Assessment Concussion Tool (SCAT) to gather objective data about your brain and how it recovers from the knock.

EyeGuide is also used to measure the fatigue effects of exercise in athletes.

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How Eye Tracking Assesses Brain Health

When a brain injury occurs it can often, but not always, compromise a person’s ability to track a moving object with their eyes.

This is why medical professionals have traditionally waved a finger in front of someone’s eyes as a way to assess their brain function. Now eye tracking technologies such as EyeGuide can do the same test in a more modern, objective way to better understand the brain.

Even when using an eye tracking tool such as EyeGuide it is still important to see a medical professional for a full assessment using the Sports Concussion Assessment Tool (SCAT) or equivalent in order to diagnose a concussion.

A key benefit of Eye Guide is that each 10 second test instantly produces a score and 9 scale ranking from “Very Superior” to “Extremely Poor”. This allows an objective baseline to be set and then changes to the score monitored over time or after a specific incident. Below is a sample profile of a player who had an incident on the sports field and how EyeGuide was used to gather data during their recovery to make a more informed return to play decision.

Baseline Ranking : High average

Ranking immediately after incident : Very Poor

Ranking 1 week after incident : Borderline

Ranking 2 weeks after incident : High average

EyeGuide’s easy to read reports chart your brain health over time to give confidence your wellbeing is being managed throughout your sporting career.

Parents and players can access EyeGuide by their sporting club or school purchasing a device.

Alternatively, EyeGuide can come to you and baseline the brain health of you and your team (min numbers apply). We will conduct a baseline test and save the result in the cloud for reference should you have a head knock in the future.

For more details on how your club or school can purchase a device or how you can baseline your brain please enquiry with us now.

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